jueves, julio 26, 2007


BEOWULF. Dirige Robert Zemeckis, y parece que Neil Gaiman se entiende con Roger Avary (ambos dos firman el guión) mejor que Tarantino. Estreno USA, 16 de noviembre.

(gracias, Manolo)

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Caron dijo...

Perdón por el OT. Les copio una noticia que un compañero me ha pasado de la edición online de The Bookseller. Se trata de la creación en 2009 de una nueva editorial en EEUU (en asociación con Oni Press); lo curioso es el nuevo sello se centrará en editar novelas gráficas escritas exclusivamente por autores de prosa:

"Bestselling crime novelist Karin Slaughter has teamed up with Oni Press to launch a new joint comics imprint for the US market.

The writer said in June that she was writing a graphic novel--The Recidivists--that would be published by her usual publisher Random House in the UK. In the US she has launched an entire list.

Slaughterhouse Graphic Novels will launch in the spring of 2009 and "will be devoted exclusively to creations written by established writers from the world of prose fiction". Projects from Slaughterhouse will be released in both the comic book and conventional book trade markets.

"This really is an area that we were one of the first publishers to focus on," said Joe Nozemack, the publisher of Oni Press. "The last time we unleashed a novelist of this caliber on the comic book world, it was Greg Rucka (Patriot Acts, Whiteout). We've long wanted to build on that fine pedigree. Slaughter's enthusiasm for the medium melded perfectly with her skills as a writer and made this a project we were passionate to publish."

Slaughter, who is known for her "Grant County" series, will kick off the imprint herself with her graphic novel, The Recidivists, coming out in April 2009.

"Graphic novels let you take risks that just wouldn't fly in the conventional book form," Slaughter said. "Visual story telling is at once immediate and subversive. I am thrilled to be partnering with Joe Nozemack and Oni Press, whose award-winning vision and success have already made them the preeminent graphic publishing house in the business."