jueves, junio 14, 2007


The book charts Caniff's rise to fame and fortune through artistic excellence and patriotic fervor when the characters in his comic strip Terry and the Pirates entered World War II, then recounts the decline of his strip Steve Canyon's popularity (whose protagonist served as an unofficial spokesman for the U.S. Air Force from the Korean War until the end of the strip in 1988) when the same brand of patriotism that had inspired admiration during World War II provoked protest during Vietnam, a bittersweet conclusion to a career spent producing a daily feature for 55 years, a record that would stand for a generation.
El libro al que se refiere la información del párrafo anterior, proporcionada por la editorial que lo publica, es MEANWHILE... A BIOGRAPHY OF MILTON CANIFF, de R. C. Harvey. Que, después de algunos retrasos, sale finalmente a la venta.

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