martes, septiembre 04, 2007


Artist Guillermo Torres and writer Manuel Fontdevila will face a fine somewhere between four and five thousand dollars USD at a trial announced Thursday. The creative team is being tried for a caricature of Crown Prince Felipe and wife Letizia that graced the cover [pictured] of the July issue of El Jueves. The genesis of that joke was based on a recent decision to pay young couple for conceiving a child, and underlined the perceived, growing uselessness of members of the Spanish royal family, by having the Prince say to his wife something to the effect that if his wife were to get pregnant, it would be the closest thing he had ever done to work.

The subsequent seizure and destruction of the magazine shocked a lot of folks both in and out of Spain because of Spain's record for not doing things that jeopardized or called into question full and unfettered free speech.(...)

Comics Reporter sigue cubriendo el affaire de El Jueves, ahora con la noticia sobre la multa de 3.600 euros que se ha pedido de cara al juicio oral. Y journalista! y ActuaBD, también. ALL OVER THE WORLD

(gracias, tio berni)

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An dijo...

esta bien que le den bombo, a ver si para la proxima vez< los jueces se dejan de tanta que...A todo esto, genial tu interpretación de Penauts en tu cabecera :) Saludos

Pepo Pérez dijo...

no es mía! Es de Manolo Bartual, pero gracias. Hay también dibujos de Manel, Bernardo, Olivares y Santiago.