lunes, septiembre 10, 2007


A number of us were trying to tell stories. We called them continuities, not stories. They were more or less like the situation comedies on teevee today. I was trying for adventure, connected with romance. In 1929, I picked up [Captain] Easy. He was someone I could put some force behind. [The title character] Wash had been with a pal about like himself, and they couldn’t fight or anything. I even had to have some eunuchs in a harem help them out a bit, and that was going too far! Easy was what I needed, a two-fisted type.
Entrevista de 1969 a Roy Crane (1901-1977), creador de WASH TUBBS/CAPTAIN EASY, en Comic Mix

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Roy Crane en la wikipedia

Artículo sobre Roy Crane de R. C. Harvey

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Sanvi dijo...

Qué pena que este hombre no genere el debate que otros...¡Qué grande el Roy Crane!

pepo dijo...

Es que no se le conoce aquí, y no se le conoce porque no se le reedita, coño, no se le reedita. En cuanto empiecen a reeditarle en USA, y a ver si es así pronto, veremos qué pasa. Ojalá.