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Did the furor about the statue come as a surprise to you?

Yeah, pretty much. There are always people who don’t go for that sort of thing, and there’s nobody amongst us who has a 100% approval rating with consumers and the public, so normally, it’s just a matter of if people don’t like your stuff, they don’t have to buy it. But yeah, this is one of those times where a brushfire has turned into an entire state aflame, I guess. I’d been trying to keep an eye on it, but…wow.

Let’s go back to your concept of the piece, when you designed it and sketched it out. On your side of things, what is the piece about? Obviously, various interpretations have been taken and run with…

Yeah, I think that when people started looking at the statue, some started getting the wrong idea, and a lot of other people springboarded off of that. Whether that’s our fault or somebody else’s, who knows? If I thought that my idea could have been misconstrued, I would’ve thrown a few more things in there so you could tell exactly what’s going on.

My idea was pretty simple, I thought – classic Mary Jane, from the days when Peter and MJ were boyfriend and girlfriend, and she’s found his Spider-Man costume in the laundry basket. It’s the weird little secret that couples have from each other that gets discovered. For me, the gag was that this was the moment when Mary Jane found out that her boyfriend is Spider-Man. She’s not doing his laundry, because I don’t know anybody that does laundry in a basket on a table. Even if you don’t have a washing machine, you’d do the laundry in the sink. This was MJ spotting something in the basket, pulling it out, and doing the “What’s this?” with a look back to Peter over her shoulder.
Adam Hughes habla en Newsarama sobre el escándalo que se ha montado sobre la estatuilla de Mary Jane con diseño basado en un dibujo suyo.

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