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Vylenz sits the writer down and lets him talk, using the man's own words to shape the course of the documentary. No outside commentators are featured, it's all Moore all the way through. He discusses a variety of topics, including much of his work; mainly, the aforementioned Swamp Thing, V for Vendetta, From Hell, and Watchmen, as well as more left-of-center and obscure creations like the pornographic Lost Girls and the journalistic Brought to Light. As far as Moore's actual comics output goes, fans will likely have strong reactions to the absence of Moore's own America's Best Comics line, which has constituted the most substantial chunk of his bibliography for the last decade. These were most likely left out because they didn't, for whatever reason, fit into the great thrust of the documentary's narrative. The Mindscape of Alan Moore is less about his work and more about the man's greater ideas and his theories on the progression of human existence, using the books that are covered as a groundwork to go off on topics ranging from the link between magic and storytelling, the evolution of human thought, the relationships between sex and violence and between religion, science, and spirituality, and where Moore sees the human mind as going next.

Honestly, a lot of Moore's theories start off sounding like mumbo jumbo, particularly as he looks a little bit like a crackpot with his out of control hair and beard and with the affectation of his many finger-length rings, but he has a way of explaining himself where he can take an outrageous concept and take you through the many layers of the idea and provide a context that shows how it is applicable to everyday life, somehow tying it all together in a convincing manner.

El documental de DeZ Vylenz THE MINDSCAPE OF ALAN MOORE ya está a la venta en DVD (gracias, jmm). El extracto de arriba es de la reseña de Jamie S. Rich para DVD Talk. El DVD viene, por supuesto, con subtítulos en varios idiomas, entre ellos el español, e incluye un segundo disco con una introducción de Paul Gravett y entrevistas con varios artistas que han trabajado con Moore: Melinda Gebbie, Dave Gibbons, David Lloyd, Kevin O'Neill y José Villarrubia.

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Sí , joder , pero el segundo disco no venía con suntítulos.Treinta euros que me costó...me acordé de la madre de alguien.En fin , el docu completo , eso sí , si ya ha leido alguien alguna extensa entrevista a moore no se pierde demasiado.¡Un saludo!

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