viernes, octubre 31, 2008


Sean T. Collins ha reescrito la letra de la canción sobre "frikis de la música" que dio a conocer a LCD Soundsystem. Extracto:

I'm losing my edge.
I heard you have a compilation of every good comic ever done by anybody.
Every great book by Jack Kirby.
All the underground hits.
All of the Boody Rogers strips.
I heard you have a hardcover of every Tintin album on Belgian import.
I heard that you have a mini of every seminal Bill Sienkiewicz book - 1985, '86, '87.
I heard that you have a TPB compilation of every good '60s strip and another HC from the '70s.
I hear you're buying a P.O. Box and a Kinko's card and throwing your Diamond deal out the window because you want to make something real.
You want to make a King-Cat comic.
I hear that you and your friends have sold your Peanuts and bought manga.
I hear that you and your friends have sold your manga and bought Peanuts.
I hear everybody that you read is more relevant than everybody that I read.
But have you seen my comics?
Milt Gross, Steve Gerber, Chester Brown, Tsuge, Spain, Hal Foster, Mike Diana, King Terry, Lyn Ward, John Porcellino, Phoebe Gloeckner, Grant Morrison, Hergé, Junji Ito, Aline Kominsky, Jennifer Daydreamer, Rory Hayes, Osamu Tezuka, E.C. Segar, R. Crumb, Jules Feiffer, Herblock, Mark Beyer, George Herriman, Takashi Nemoto, L'Association, Ben Jones, Lynda Barry, Moebius, Justin Green, FC Ware, Charles Burns, Al Columbia, Frank King, Bernie Krigstein, Frank Miller (Goddamn Batman!), Will Elder, Art Spiegelman, Ernie Bushmiller, Julie Doucet, S! Clay! Wilson!, Jack Chick, Blutch, Mattotti, David Mazzuchelli, Los Bros Hernandez, Joost Swarte, Igort, Steve Ditko, Steve Ditko, Steve Ditko, Steve Ditko.